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Bug displaying Coder Statistics | Reply
Noticed this while looking at stats from Saturday's challenge. When viewing "Coder Statistics" for an individual problem, the first table containing "Class Name, Method Name, Difficulty, Status, Points" does not update properly when navigating between users.

To Reproduce:
1. Login
2. Select "Statistics >> Your Statistics" from nav table on right
3. Note the score of one of the three problems, and click the link on it.
the first table will list the above mentioned class name, status, etc.
Note the score quoted here.
5. click back on browser
6. select an opponent from your room, to view his/her stats.
7. Note the opponents score for the same problem as in step 3.
8. Click back on browser twice so you are back at your own stats for
9. Again, note score of same problem, click the link and you will
(I did at any rate) find that although the code and test results
are correct for your entry for that problem, the problem status
and points are not yours, but your opponents that were seen in
step 7!

The problem seems to appear whenever I use the back button like that irregardless of which competitor is viewd first: the status table isn't updated when backing up.
I use WinNT, and Netscape Navigator 4.7
Re: Bug displaying Coder Statistics (response to post by red) | Reply
Thanks for the detailed steps for recreating this statistical error. A fix has been made and will be posted Thursday the 12th, early morning.