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Re: C/C++ competitions (response to post by MadACR) | Reply
I would say start with the current IDE. Just add a checkbox pair for Java/C or C++. Then have it send it to one of two parsers based on the box selected. The parsers can be derived from a common base class, and a factory class can choose which one to instantiate based on the checkbox. As for what compiler- we may wish to avoid one. The biggest problem with C/C++ is the lack of a sandbox, which is needed for a program like this. It may be smarter to write an interpreter. The interpreter can contain wrappers for the standard C/C++ library calls deemed "safe" (which should be almost all except for file read/write to anything but stdout and direct memory functions). IMHO, this is the way to go.
Re: C/C++ competitions (response to post by Code-Guru) | Reply
So where do we start? which compiler do we use? How do we setup the online IDE?

my answers would be to start with the compiler, and use a standared set of libraries. The compiler should not matter to much as long as it compiles things correctly. And the TC java IDE is not that bad. I suggest auto indent, and if possible key word coloring.

just my thoughts.
Re: C/C++ competitions (response to post by Code-Guru) | Reply
IMHO the site has a lot of bug fixing to do before even attempting to support another language.
C/C++ competitions | Reply
I would be interested in helping out with any C++ aspects for future competitions. Let me know when you start on this or any other projects and I'll make some time to help out.