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Languages | Reply
It is not to often that you get a chance to break in a forum or community site. So, I decided to open up with languages.

My maine concern really isn't that this site integrate alot of languages, but that it integrate one or two languages really well. This site allready has the jump on java, (might I add that it is the best development environment that I have delt with). C++ would be another great language to have, but I suggest, and I can't believe I am saying this, stay away from it. Instead investigate C#. After all the last generation of C++ compilers have allready come out on the market.

To give you an idea of my style, i am creating a game engine in C++. I am a beginner in java, but can relate it to C++ enough so that it does not seem to hard. UNC Cahrlotte has a rough IT college coarse, and it is mainly Unix Based, so I am learning the windows side of C++ pretty much on my own.

As for other languages not mentioned it would be a nice challange for the pros out there who feel like creating an online compiler for thier favorite languages, and this would be a great site to host those compilers.

Basically my main choices of language support are:


in that order, otherwise I doing c++ first would be staying behind the tech curve.

Thoughts from any one else?
Re: Languages (response to post by MadACR) | Reply
As all of the problems I've seen to date are rather simple caculations, I think lisp/scheme would be an interesting language to have available! Of course no one would use it (even most of the AI strongholds for lisp are switching over to Java), but it would be damn cool to have it there anyway!
Re: Languages (response to post by MadACR) | Reply
I'll have to disagree with C#.

First of all, the language is only in beta. The details are still open to change.

Secondly, it is extremely close to java in methodology. Theres no reason to have both

Third, no one knows C#. It is not an established language and it is yet to be seen wether it will survive or flop.

Fourth, the last generation of C++ compilers have NOT hit the market. I highly doubt that research into code generation will stop because Microsoft decides to bring some new language into the market. Especially since most research in compilers is in the academic arena, which is mainly unix based. Also, C++ is natively compiled- C# is not. That means the same program, compiled in C++ over C#, will give about a 20% speed increase (source: Dr. Eric Meijer (sp?) who gave a speech recently at UIUC and worked on C#). In fact, several aspects of the C# language would make it almost impossible to compile (they would take huge run time inefficiencis without a JIT or interpreter to do it for them- perhaps an additional 20%) With an edge like that, C++ will remian viable for years to come. The only thing that will ever knock it out is another native code language.

Fifth- C# gives no real advantages over C++ or Java. It has some extra syntactic sugar, but no true extra power.

Personally, I think that languages ought to concentrate on developing one per methodology. Java takes care of OOP. C++ or C would do well for procedural. Lisp, Scheme, or ML for functional (I dislike functionals myself, but they have uses and would probably be easier to implement since they rely on an interpreter anyway). x86 for masochists? :) jk I like asm, but it would never work in competition.

Comments, disagreements, other types of languages I left out?
Re: Languages (response to post by AuMatar) | Reply
You make some good points on C#. it is just beta. However this site may atleast want to keep a close eye on it. Right now the only thing I have been able to distinguish as a real language enhancement is the ability to do safe and unsafe coding.

So I switch my order to C++, then C#;

Also i do believe that with java out there and gradually becoming a more portable language, that the last generation of C++ compilers has hit the market. Despite speed increases, java is portable to all OS's, witch is a major advantage when writing both client and server aplications.

For the gaming industry C++ is language of choice hands down, but every where else (that is not behind the tech curve) can get away with using java. Especially the way it uses encapsolation.

Other thoughts.
Re: Languages (response to post by MadACR) | Reply
C# is for the most part exactly like Java, except a whole lot messier. I would suggest staying away from it altogether. It is being hailed as the language of choice for many large companies (for hype and group think reasons), but actaully looking at the language you see that it is horribly messy, with its core API being basically wrappers around the win32 api. Also it tries to do class hierarchy like Java but it loses a lot of the nice syntax and clean feeling that Java has, because at any moment you can call whatever ugly legacy code you have sitting around (which completely kills the performance of their GC as well as making debugging hell). I don't see this as a forward step in the technology curve.