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Problem description | Reply
Sorry, forgot one more thing.
On the problem description, is it possible for the problem-maker to put <eol> every line?
Because it's pretty annoying to read everything in the same line, especially when you go to <round statistics>, and check the problem description.
Re: Problem description (response to post by kokon) | Reply
I think this is a problem with that particular web page (the one from the statistics page). Not having the hardcoded <eol> characters allows the text to wrap appropriately independently of screen size and resolutions. For example, the same problem descriptions appear correctly wrapped in the practice rooms. Indeed it would be nice if the problem descriptions available from the statistics page wrapped correctly as well.
Re: Problem description (response to post by wyzmo) | Reply
I think the problem with the web page display is that all the spaces in the problem description are replaced with   That's important in some parts of the description, where spacing matters - but for the text part of the descriptions, it shouldn't make a difference if all the   are replaced with just plain spaces. Then it would wrap properly.
Re: Problem description (response to post by PabloGilberto) | Reply
Yeah, that didn't work like I thought it would... I meant to say that all spaces were replaced with the following sequence of characters: & # 1 6 0 ; (without the spaces in between.. I don't know how else to type that and have it show up correctly...)
Re: Problem description (response to post by PabloGilberto) | Reply
stevevai is correct, we replace spaces with char #160 for the website so that ascii art shows correctly etc. if we didn't, multiple spaces would be trunced down to 1 space.

the problem then becomes, html won't line wrap because there aren't any spaces because we've replaced them with #160's. i think the best solution is to make problem statements tagged (html, xml etc.) for both the website and the applet.