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Macintosh support | Reply
I'd like to be able to compete from my Macintosh. It runs Mac OS X (version 10.1.1) which Apple claims fully supports Java SDK (and JRE) 1.3. The problem is that the TopCoder applet requires the Java plugin, and I can't find a version of the plugin for the Mac.

Has anyone else run into this? Any advice?
Re: Macintosh support (response to post by harv) | Reply
Try downloading the applet JAR file from

and running it as an application instead of as an applet with

java -cp ContestApplet.jar

You can also try using the appletviewer program, which means you won't ever end up with an old version of the JAR

appletviewer ''
Re: Macintosh support (response to post by NGBronson) | Reply
Thank you! I'll try that the next chance I get and let you know how it goes.
Re: Macintosh support (response to post by NGBronson) | Reply
That worked! I did it the appletviewer way.

One problem though. Everything looks the same as it does when I use Win32, with one exception: the menu bar. On the Mac, all the the colors are preserved EXCEPT the background color for the menu bar and menus. For some reason, the background color is white. Since the text color in the menus is also white, that means that the menus are invisible (until I highlight them).

If anyone is working on a next generation applet (as I believe I read you are), would you consider making the menu text be something other than white? That would help Mac users (even if there is only one of us right now).