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Pops: Comma delimited?? | Reply
Under Help->Changelog, I see that Pops added comma delimited array input functionality.

How exactly does this work? I haven't been able to see this in the practice rooms... it just inserts the comma in the string in the vector.

I use c++, if that makes a difference.
Re: Pops: Comma delimited?? (response to post by drnull) | Reply
Wow - that was a bit of surprise - didn't realize TC had implemented that...

At any rate, on the array input window there is a new "++" button. This does a *simple* comma-delimited array input. Example:

Let's say you were in room 61/250 and wanted to enter in the int[] {1,2,2}. Simply enter "1,2,2" (without the double-quotes) and press the new "++" button. It will then add three new rows (1, 2, and 2).

Please note - this was a fast stop-gap measure and is not robust. It will not correctly deal with inputs that have comma's within them - such as the 61/500. If you were to enter "0:Alex,0,3:Bob,0" - you'd get 4 rows versus the two you really wanted...
Re: Pops: Comma delimited?? (response to post by Pops) | Reply
How about adding a combo box of possible delimiters next to the "++" button?