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What is ABC
What is documentary research?
The documentary research is the shield that the documentary picture is founded on. The documentary research job is not only to examine the documentary topic but also to grow a point of view on the director vision and to attach it to the subject of the story. Many learner directors, happy to get started, often skip this stage, occasionally because of it a personal story. No substance what kind of documentary you do, in 80 percent of the cases, you will essential to do a research.

Documentary research technique

The plan you will choose for your documentary research really be contingent on your movie. There are three main ways to do a research that occasionally you will find by hand doing a few of them or level all of them.

Tips for the documentary research

A good documentary research shocks with knowing what your movie is successful to be about. Try to summarize it a one or two judgments. Failing to do so, strength causes you to lose control over your research and to be supper away from many directions.
Do the research with an open concentration. Ask questions about your theme. Appreciate your story and tell it in a stable way.
Make sure you are effective something new about the subject. Something that the audience did know. Think about what it is that you need to know about the subject and keep asking by hand what hasn't been told about this topic yet.
A Good research shapes on a series of questions with answers and then more questions with answers. Keep excavating as much as you can.
Start with basic questions. It is very significant that you comprehend the topic you are speaking about