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Re: TCO18 India Regionals! (response to post by xcelsior) | Reply
Topcoder Collegiate Contest and TCO18 India Regionals are different. TCC Finals will be held at TCO18 India Regionals.

If you already have a ticket, you are most welcome to come to the event.
If you want to compete in TCC Finals round you have to sit in the online qualifiers. If you end up in top 10, you will receive 5000 INR of reimbursement.
Re: TCO18 India Regionals! (response to post by hmehta) | Reply
I am on waitlist. When will I get a notification of availability of tickets?
Re: TCO18 India Regionals! (response to post by AshishD1995) | Reply
We are opening tickets daily according to FCFS basis.. You will get a notification from Eventbrite when we open your ticket .
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