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Final results are ready | Reply
Final testing has finished, see the results here:

Congratulations to the winners, thanks everyone for participating!
Re: Final results are ready (response to post by walrus71) | Reply
So small difference between 2nd and 3rd but so big in prizes :(
Re: Final results are ready (response to post by walrus71) | Reply
When doing a final check of the results we noticed that two of the final test tiles suffer from an error that makes the results indeterministic. As many of you noted previously, our scoring metric is quite intolerant to small variations in the data. The difference is very small in this case but it makes the ranking between the 2nd and 3rd contestant unstable. There are multiple ways of fixing this error, choosing one way or another can make a difference in the rankings, so instead of choosing one solution arbitrarily, we decided to declare a tie between the 2nd and 3rd ranks, saying that the difference in the scores is smaller than our measurement error. This means that we have to change the previously announced rankings, which is unfortunate and we apologize for this. To lessen the disappointment of the contestant whom we declared as 2nd previously, we added the unclaimed Top Undergraduate Prize of $2,500 to the main prize pool. After these changes the prize distribution looks like this:

1st: albu $25,000
2nd: pfr $8,750
2nd: cannab $8,750
4th: selim_sef $3,000
5th: fbastani $2,000
Top graduate: fbastani $2,500
Re: Final results are ready (response to post by walrus71) | Reply
Awesome! Thank you!)