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Re: Differences in APLS metric (response to post by fbastani) | Reply
"I checked the default parameters in main function, but only linestring_delta is mentioned in the problem statement, and it is already correctly set to 50."

There is also the maximum Euclidian distance used when projecting points from one graph to another, this is 4 meters in the problem specification, but the Python version uses 5 meters by default. If you change this, you will get much closer results, but even then they will not be identical. One of the reasons can be the errors introduced by the conversion from pixel coordinates to geographical coordinates, but there may be other differences. I checked your sample file with the scorer published in the visualizer tool and this gives exactly the same results as you received from the online scorer. Please treat the Python version as a tool that helps your work, but as the problem statement says: "For a definitive and detailed algorithm see the source code of the visualizer tool."
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