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Welcome and good luck! | Reply
This will be a rated round! However, there will not be any other prizes, and as this is not associated with any regional events, it is *NOT* considered a lightning round, thus there are no TCO points at stake. This is intended to provide another fun challenge for practice and enjoyment... and an attempt to make a problem that goes along with the theme of the TCO :)

The problem was written by me, and tested by {h}Nickolas{/h], so hopefully we can help answer any of your questions. As is normally the case, however, if you do need to ask a question that might give away details about the problem or how you specifically might try to solve it, please email me instead ( rather than posting in the public discussion.

Thanks, and good luck everyone!
Re: Welcome and good luck! (response to post by t-mac) | Reply
When system test will run?
When rating will update?
Re: Welcome and good luck! (response to post by ibra) | Reply
Tests have been run, results will be posted within the next day or so. Looking over a few things.
Re: Welcome and good luck! (response to post by t-mac) | Reply
Annnd... they're up!