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ambiguous variable | Reply

I actually try to implement the algorithm to my problem but although it is very well explained/depicted I'm not that much into that algorithm (relatively the programming example). I would like to dive into it by applying it but when I copy the code and compile it I receive the error, that "prev" is ambigous (in several lines).
Before I change it to my purposes I would like to run it in its origin so I can understand how it works in details but I already stuck at the beginning :(
Can someone help me, please ?

Thank you very much in advance!
Re: ambiguous variable (response to post by SkullCrossbone) | Reply
was busy with some other projects but just returned to the still open problem. Meanwhile I figured out that what my compiler complains is obviously less a previously declared variable but refers to a template "prev". I didn't know that this exists so I cracked my brain with a lot of ideas what might be wrong..
Can you please tell me if prev[N] is here only a variable name or shall it indeed represent a template (I'm using g++ and c++) ?
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