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Memory limit just 512 MB? | Reply
I tried to give more memory for some REST-based application, but received the following error:
"Server error, status code: 400, error code: 100007, message: You have exceeded the instance memory limit for your organization's quota."

As per my tests, it looks the limit is 512MB maximum per application.

But I can see free memory in like following:
0.63GB of 4GB 16%

So, are there any bugs with our free Predix 60 days trial accounts?

I used "cf quotas":
name total memory instance memory
free-trial 10G 1G
predix-free 4G 512M

Does it mean we are on predix-free account instead of free-trial? But TopCoder advertised 10GB of memory (so 1 GB per application): "The free trial includes access to the Predix platform, 10 GB of memory, 10 service instances".

I'm not sure if 512MB would be enough for our projects... For example, a simple tutorial REST application takes: 420.8M of 512M

Could you double check?
Re: Memory limit just 512 MB? (response to post by MiG-29) | Reply
Based on the 4GB limit you mention, looks like you are in the Free Tier plan. With that plan, you have a 750MB instance memory limit. See here:

See also memory related discussions here: (search "memory")