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Welcome! | Reply
Welcome to the Topcoder Predix community forum. I'm personally really excited about IoT and in particular IIoT. Over the next several years, huge industries worldwide from agriculture to manufacturing to supply chain are going to dramatically change and Predix is the leading platform.

Topcoder Predix members are going to have tons of opportunity to develop IIoT applications that are deployed to devices, the cloud and mobile environments. Now is the time to ramp up on this technology and be part of the early experts in an exploding field.

Good luck and thanks for becoming a Topcoder Community for Predix member! I look forward to discussing IIoT and Predix with you all.

Re: Welcome! (response to post by mess) | Reply

Can you please let me know how we can avail the self paced (free course) on Predix under the training category.
And if there is any developer training guide for predix like we had on

Re: Welcome! (response to post by pun_aga) | Reply
Hi pun_aga--

I'll check with the GE folks about the training course and see if I can find out more details for you. There currently isn't a community-developed training guide for Predix. We're on the lookout for anyone who might be interested in writing one.

Re: Welcome! (response to post by pun_aga) | Reply
You can access the free, on-demand training course by going here:
You'll need to log in with your Predix login and then find the free on-demand course in the catalog to enroll.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by WillG) | Reply
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