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Checkpoint General Feedback | Reply
Thank you all for your submissions under a tight deadline! We received an overwhelming amount of attention in this challenge and picking the checkpoint winners was very difficult. If you need further clarification on any feedback please ask in the forums. We are happy to help you. For the final round, paying close attention to the overall feedback is your best best for success. As we reviewed submissions with the client, we noted what solutions were working best among the many submissions and are trying to push everyone in those directions. Again, we are always looking for ways that the UX can be improved and simplified. Do your best to make this application as easy to use as possible!

Message filtering:
-We need to see the quick access filtering options (needs action / waiting for / recent people) readily available. These provide a great way for users to quickly filter their messages. Use smaller icons and text
-Many of the designs we have seen use huge icons that take up a lot of space on mobile. Keep these functions but do not dominate the screen with them.

Fill up the inbox:
-Fill up the entire inbox area with emails. Do not just built from the few emails that are in the inbox on the prototype account. Try the Craft Photoshop plugin to generate fake email / user content!

-Many of the icons used in this app will be unfamiliar to the user. Suggested that you add text labels to icons where appropriate and space permits.

Message Threading:
-We need to see the visual difference between messages that have multiple messages / threads and those that do not.

Filtering and search:
-Based on your designs and client response, we found it best if we closely link the filtering options with the search function. EG: once you begin a search, then you will see options to filter by link / attachment and the the timing under the refine filter. Move all the filtering options beneath your search function.
-Also, visualize the search for the user on a search results page. EG: User Name, This Week

Important People links:
-We would like these easily accessible or available from the main mail screen yet at the same time not overwhelming the other content. Looking for your creative solutions to this problem!
-We need to see what happens when you click on a user name in the quick links (initials on the top of the screen). How are the links to email the user and gather their information displayed?
-We also would like a way for users to add additional ways to contact this user (there will be plugins available later). How can a user manage the functions that are displayed? [users have a profile that can bring external systems into a single identity bring in linkedin profile, personal email)
-Visuals on the people links: feel free to include a user image instead of the initials.
-Is there a way to differentiate between Important people and recent people? The desktop site uses just a vertical line.

Compose Button:
-Remove the dropdown menu from compose button.

-Include the high level menu options from the IBM site. Users should have access to the other IBMS within the IBM ecosystem from the mail app. These can be placed below the current menu / folder content: Home / Calendar / People / Communities / Apps

Selecting multiple emails:
-The client would like to see a way to select multiple messages while on the main mail screen.
-When multiples are selected, users should be able to perform the following functions: Mark / Move / Trash

Message timing:
-When a user clicks the click icon on a new message, they are currently presented with a list of Due: today, tomorrow, one week, anytime. Change this to default to tomorrow and give users the option of selecting a specific date with the calendar.

Message composition:
-Remove the option for users to edit the layout of their message on mobile. The AZ icon.
-Image upload: Change options to be take photo or upload from gallery. Remove link and image information

IBM Questions
- Color: Is the goal to stay within the current desktop color scheme or should we look to introduce more color (where it makes sense). Stay with what we’ve got, can offer alternatives as suggestion, but must conform first
- 508 questions - do we need labels on icons? Yes, I believe we do
- Compose Button - drop down items (drafts / sent) do we need this on mobile? Need some analog, but doesn’t have to be a button.
- Message Compose: Advanced Compose features? Advanced image upload features? Do we need to allow this on mobile? Not sure what the advance compose features are.. Advanced image upload being the ‘from cloud’ should be represented.
- Visuals on the people links. Will this pull in a user photo? Yes, we should populate user photos. Initially this will probably just be from internal sources, but will expand over time.

- Create email
- Seeing connections / threading
- Filtering options.
- Quick access to people.
- Timing / priority on messages.
- VIsual of today / yesterday in the messages list.
- Search mechanism. (this is important for an enterprise level email program)
Re: Checkpoint General Feedback (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
Dedy, I have not found any feedback about Date Navigator in footer? can you ask with client , it's important to display or what's client opinion about that?

Thank You
Re: Checkpoint General Feedback (response to post by ioyik) | Reply
Do not to worry about the date navigator or any calendar functions at this time.
We will address the date navigator / calendar functions in the upcoming calendar challenge.
Client did not provide feedback or any further information on their needs for the calendar during our review.
Re: Checkpoint General Feedback (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
Craft did not work in Adobe CS6. Has anyone already tried?
Re: Checkpoint General Feedback (response to post by Ariefk) | Reply
I think you can create just random email content or copy from mail generator site:
Re: Checkpoint General Feedback (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
Are social icon should be used? whether it is necessary to declare?
EG: linkedin, facebook, twitter..etc
Re: Thread "Checkpoint General Feedback" in category "Design Forums" has been updated by Ariefk (response to post by Ariefk) | Reply
Use character placeholder for your social icons.