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Problems with the Arena | Reply

So I have been skipping SRMs lately these months because... I cannot launch the Arena. There are at least two problems that I have been experiencing.

1. Cannot launch the Arena before deleting cache

This is quite annoying. Before I can launch the Arena, I have to delete the Arena cache first using the commans "javaws -viewer". If I don't do that, javaws gives me this error message: application_error.png. Here are the information provided after I click "Details": launch_file.png, exception.png, wrapped_exception.png.

I think this has happened for like 1 year. I don't remember I had this error years before.

2. Cannot launch the Arena using phone connection

Due to (1), I have to download the Arena whenever I want to launch it. Here, most SRMs begin in the night and I have left my campus at that time. So, I have to use my own internet connection. I use portable hotspot feature in my Android phone.

Sometimes, the Arena launches just fine. But for most cases, it got stuck in this phase for ages: verifying.png (like, I have waited for half an hour and it still does not launch).

Note that (1) happens regardless of connection types.

I am using Arch Linux, 64 bit, and Sun Java 7.

Kindly please help :)
Re: Problems with the Arena (response to post by fushar) | Reply
1. It seems that somehow it is an old version of the arena (7.0.1) while the current version is 7.0.6. Are you sure you are using the newest jnlp file ( It should refer to arena-client-7.0.6.jar.
Re: Problems with the Arena (response to post by jthread) | Reply
Now I realized that I have been using an outdated jnlp file. That explains why I experienced this error since (like) one year ago. Thank you!

Usually I launch Arena by saving the jnlp file and then running it via command "javaws ContestAppletProd.jnlp". And as far as I know that's how most of my friends are also doing.

Was the Arena update announced somewhere? Or is it just me that missed it?
Re: Problems with the Arena (response to post by fushar) | Reply
I did do an announcement for the latest release:

I'll try to keep doing that as we continue to do arena enhancements.

Maybe you can just add a wget (depends upon your OS I guess) to your script so you always grab the latest jnlp file.
Re: Problems with the Arena (response to post by fushar) | Reply
It is significantly better to do:

This way it always uses the newest jnlp.

Although I don't know if caching works. I use OpenJDK 7. A downloading window appears but it usually goes from 0 to 100% unless a new arena version is up, so I *think* it caches just all right.

Edit: I can now confirm. Today arena took noticeably longer than usual to "download". Turns out there was an update.
Re: Problems with the Arena (response to post by vexorian) | Reply
Thank you all for the suggestions! Now I can run the Arena smoothly :)