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Appirio Q: Our Founder | Reply
I have been "encouraged" to throw out some questions about the recent TopCoder transfer of ownership. The forums seem to be the place to get more interactivity, compared to the TCO blog (and it is not really a TCO thing). Express your thoughts these specific issues. Maybe we will get official answers. Maybe the discussions will influence what the eventual answer will be. Maybe we will dig up new issues that haven't been considered.

Feel free to express yourself here (and feel free to start your own question threads). So here we go:

Are we still going to have Jack to kick around? I'd hate to see him go.
Re: Appirio Q: Our Founder (response to post by Rustyoldman) | Reply
Jack will still be around, he will be a key player on Appirio's crowdsourcing advisory board.
Re: Appirio Q: Our Founder (response to post by Rustyoldman) | Reply
jhughes could stick around but don't count on it :)
He sold Tallan in 2000 [1]. TopCoder was founded in the same year.

Tallan's chief executive officer Jack Hughes will become chief operations officer of CMGI Solutions and report directly to Ronald E. Spears, CMGI Solutions' president and CEO. Hughes will also join CMGI Solutions' board of directors. The new entity will consist of nearly 500 employees.

[1] CMGI Acquires Tallan for $920 Million
Re: Appirio Q: Our Founder (response to post by mess) | Reply
"advisory board"
Hmm...looks like that is not going to last long.
Re: Appirio Q: Our Founder (response to post by sah2ed) | Reply
Not in a hurry to go anywhere. Lots of things I want to do but many of them require this community (already is part of our arrangement). Besides, I love this place - not a better, more profesional group of people anywhere. Also want to see Appirio/Cloudspokes/Topcoder do well - good for everyone.

Wont be posting a lot in the forums though - don't want to mess up mess. (OK, OK, sorry mess and everyone, couldn't resist the pun:))