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Appirio/TopCoder | Reply
Hello all. We are excited to announce that TopCoder is now part of Appirio!

The TopCoder and Appirio teams wanted to explain what we think the combination will mean here:

By combining TopCoder’s global capacity and design capability with Appirio’s leadership in helping over 500 enterprises reimagine their business with cloud, social and mobile technology, it is an industry shaping event. With TopCoder + CloudSpokes (Appirio’s cloud focused crowd community) customers now have access to nearly 600,000 of the world’s best developers, designers and data analytics experts. Together, the communities bring a sophisticated technology platform to enable crowdsourcing as a core part of the next generation of services.

Appirio, CloudSpokes, and the TopCoder team are absolutely committed to a newly intensified effort to provide all software, studio design, algorithm, and analytics members with more frequent high-quality opportunities to engage, compete, and learn in all of our tracks of competitions. We could tell you: “Don’t worry, this won’t change anything for you”… but what we think instead is: “Guess what? Everything about TopCoder is about to get better!”.

CloudSpokes from its inception has been committed to a high quality community experience. An experience where it is obvious to its members that a strong focus has been placed on not just the quality of the experience, but the overall integrity of the competitions and process. CloudSpokes understands the importance of making the community the most important consideration – always. In this very important way CloudSpokes and TopCoder are a perfect complement to one another. This is why all of us are so excited about contributing to this new chapter in the TopCoder history book.

What does this mean for you? The acquisition will provide members of both developer communities with dramatically more opportunities to earn money while showcasing your respective skills and capabilities. As a part of celebrating this event, we will add an additional track at the TopCoder Open for cloud development, as well as some more soon to be announced surprises for the TCO! In even more exciting news we are doubling Digital Run prizes for October!

For the past 12 years, we’ve watched this community grow to over half a million members, we’ve seen some amazing things from you, and now we are looking forward to paving an even better future for all of you. Dave Messinger, a long time part of the TopCoder community, will become the Chief Community Officer. He will join me in the forums and online to answer questions and discuss the future of our community.

Please view a message from Jack Hughes jhughes and CloudSpokes rep, Dave Messinger mess here: Video

We look forward to starting a new chapter here at TopCoder; with more resources, more opportunities, and more friends for us all. Thank you again for all you do.
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jhughes) | Reply
Good news, great!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jhughes) | Reply
It seems Appirio has few ip access every day.
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jhughes) | Reply
Great to see you back, mess :)
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by albertwang) | Reply
Great to be back! Real excited to being working with you guys again!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jhughes) | Reply
So are you going to merge the CloudSpkoes challenges to TC platform? I'm not that familiar with CloudSpkoes but sounds like interesting competition tracks.
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by mess) | Reply
Glad to see your back:)
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by albertwang) | Reply
Lots to do but excited about merging. As with everything, we'll be looking to you guys to do the work and tell us what we should be doing going forward!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jhughes) | Reply
Exciting news! I can't wait to work with TC+Studio again!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by FireIce) | Reply
Thanks! A few other alumns like scamp, mcards13, silvasurfas and invisiblepilot are all coming back too!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by mess) | Reply
All of us in Studio are very excited about this! And of course, we're so happy to have some of our "family" members back!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
Hi Jess, this is great news and I have one question, what if I maintain an account in each sites, will they be combined or no?
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
Yes agreed. Excited for new things to come and happy to be back working with a great group of people/friends!
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by jhughes) | Reply
Great news! I'm really looking forward to how this will expand what we can do, and I can't think of a better company to acquire TC, knowing how many great past employees of TC now work at Appirio.

I had figured TC was going to be acquired at some point, and my biggest concern was whether or not the acquiring company would "get" what TC does, and that is not a concern I have at all with Appirio. They have a deep understanding of what TC does, how TC can be leveraged, and the power of our community, which is huge.
Re: Appirio/TopCoder (response to post by quesks) | Reply
Quesks - They will remain separate for now, but one of the first items on the agenda is to tackle how to merge the communities. We are very exited about the upcoming improvements to our community platform.
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