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Benchmark | Reply
I've submitted ainu7's winning solution as a benchmark. Let's see if anyone can beat it?

P.S. I hope this is allowed.
Re: Benchmark (response to post by dimkadimon) | Reply
Considering that I was higher on provisional tests, it wasn't that hard ;)
Re: Benchmark (response to post by Psyho) | Reply
But can you beat it in system tests?
Re: Benchmark (response to post by dimkadimon) | Reply
I submitted my solution with some bug fix and only gets +8600 points.

By the way I saw colun's solution after two days and it seems his solution has much more potential than mine - my solution was just easier to be implemented in 12 hours.
Re: Benchmark (response to post by ainu7) | Reply
I just found today a bug in my final submission (line 186):
Point pm = new Point((pv.x + pw.x) / 2, (pv.x + pw.y) / 2, 99871);
The idea here was simple: pm should be the middle point between pv and pw.
Unfortunately in the second parameter it should be, of course, pv.y instead of pv.x.

Changing only this single character from x to y gave me a ~17% improvement, which would be more than enough to get the 1st place :-(

I made a couple of other bug fixes (not as simple as that one), and got another ~10% increase.

Of course it is very frustrating to realize that such stupid bug prevent me from winning the TCO final, but in the other hand, I discovered that my approach was much better than I supposed :-)
I thought it would be necessary a complete new approach to increase my score to reach ainu7's level.
Re: Benchmark (response to post by wleite) | Reply
Wow that could be the most costly one-character bug we ever had! Please submit your fixed solution so we can see how well it does.
Re: Benchmark (response to post by dimkadimon) | Reply
Since I already submitted a version with other bug fixes and I want to keep it, and it is a test MM, I asked Juliana to submit my solution changing only that single character.
It passed ainu7's and Psyho's TCO submission in provisional rank.
Re: Benchmark (response to post by wleite) | Reply
Your other version is doing quite well. Does it include this one-character fix?