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development oppurtunities | Reply
hi every body
iam graduating next i have to decide what to next.
iam interested in going for a job.but the people around me suggesting to go for higher studies.basically i am an electrical student.but iam interested in doing a software job because i like can anyone suggest me the way i have to choose.will there is any difference in the job i get from graduation post graduation.what about various oppurtunities if i go for a job?i mean about the development oppurtunities?
your good advice may change my life.
so help me in deciding the way.
i hope that i will get a valuable advice from tc techies.
Re: development oppurtunities (response to post by kalyan_chekuri) | Reply
i'll try answering in order, in which questions were asked:
i'd also recommend you high. not because you'll find out something really cool, but because you'll meet a lot of according people. your chances to get a nice job are not wery high, because you are not known aground (maybe, 'you' here refers not to you personally, i don't know your situation). programming is interesting for me, that's why i study programming. i'd suggest the same for you.