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Re: Cool. (response to post by vexorian) | Reply
what green lines? I can't c any.
Re: Cool. (response to post by cpphamza) | Reply
I was refering to this:
Re: Cool. (response to post by jmzero) | Reply
Believe it or not, the figures where better than that (not very much better ;), I think there were a problem when extracting them from the document. I've contacted kzimmerman for that.
Re: Cool. (response to post by vexorian) | Reply
Then I'll give u a plus :)
Re: Cool. (response to post by timmac) | Reply
I didn't expect to get [+] for responsing to you either. Probably because I implied I'm a moron?

This may be my only thread without any [-]. I wonder how long it can last.
Re: Cool. (response to post by misof) | Reply
At this point I feel compelled to mention METAPOST. While graphviz is great for quickly visualizing graphs if you want full control or if you want to mix graphs with some other drawing then METAPOST is the way to go.

Here is how I draw a small tree:

node(0,0,"12"); % put a node at (0,0) and label it with 12
nodep(-1,-1,"6",0,0); % put a node at (-1,-1), label with 6, and link to its parent in position (0,0)

Both node and nodep are two-line functions I reuse. Here is a full example and here is how it looks.
Re: Cool. (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
I agree, I just think it misses the rules for coloring and rotations after an insertion/deletion of an element.
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